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Ila Grammar School, Ila Orangun was established in January 1960 by The lIa Orangun Community in order to cater for children of secondary school age. The pioneer principal was D. Reeves from Kent in England.

The school became a co-educational institution in January 1965 thereby making the education of female possible. Over the years, the school had made remarkable progress and influence on the education of children in its care.

Ila Grammar School, in the year 2006, was among the few schools that were disarticulated due to an impressive high student population and rapid development. Since then, the Junior classes were divided into two separate Junior schools namely Ila Junior Grammar School I and Ila Junior Grammar School II with an overall Senior School that goes by the name lIa Grammar School.

The government both of the Federal, State and Local levels had contributed meaningfully to the progress and development in the school. Some new buildings had sprung up while textbooks and science equipments were supplied for the use of staff and students.


The School has produced people in all fields of human endeavours which include: Education, Science & Technology, Engineering, Medicine, Law, Public Administration, Police, Military and Para-Military, Commerce & Industry, Business, Politics among others.

From available records in the school, the school by its watchword "Academic and Moral Excellence" had her student Miss Abayorin Aderonke win the State best result award in 2008 NECO Senior Secondary Certificate Examination (SSCE) organized by Osun State All Nigeria Confederation of Principal of Secondary Schools (ANCORPS) among numerous records broken over the years.


The School Anthem

Ila Grammar School (twice)
Is the premier school of Ila – Orangun
Founded in the year 1960
During the reign of Oba Gbadamosi Adedapo Agboluaje, The Second
We wish Ila Grammar School in a positive direction, progress
We are to be instrument of this
Let us work to make
And not mar Ila Grammar School
We shall be your good ambassadors
Our dear alma mater
Remember the motto, at first thus:
Aide toi le ceil taldira
Heaven helps those who help themselves
Now put as “Iwa Rere Lope”
Yes we know
Nothing is as good as good conduct
May God bless and keep you growing
Up! Up! Ila Grammar School.


The School  Management

The School  management comprises the following officers:

Senior School
Principal                             -              Mr. Oke M. L.
Vice Principal                     -              Mr. Adesina S. O.  
Heads of Departments:
                                          -              Mrs. Owolabi T. O.
                                          -              Mrs. Oladipupo G. S.
                                          -              Mr. Adeleke A. A.


Junior School One
Principal                             -              Mr. Oyewole O. J.
Vice Principal                     -              Mr. Ajibade A.
Heads of Departments:
                                          -              Mrs. Ajayi F. I.
                                          -              Mrs. Adefila B. F.

Junior School Two
Principal                             -              Mr. Adediran R. A.
Vice Principal                     -              Mr. Ayaniyi D. A.
Heads of Departments:
                                          -              Mr. Anibi B. F.
                                          -              Mrs. Awoleye F. F.

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Public Co - Educational Secondary School established in 1960.

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